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Benefits of Giving CBD Oil to Dogs

CBD oil is increasingly becoming popular among humans, and this trend has led people to consider its potential benefits to pets. Some of the positive effects realized in dogs after taking it are reduced anxiety and controlling seizures. However, this research is in progress. There are many CBD products for pets, such as tablets, treats, liquid products, and chews. Some of them have been recommended by vets. Luckily, you can find the best cbd oil for dogs from reliable online stores as well as brick-and-mortar shops.

Below are some of the benefits of giving CBD oil to dogs:

Boosts Heart Health

boosts heart healthAlthough the studies are ongoing, aesthetic dogs have shown that CBD can reduce high blood pressure, enabling them to have a normal heartbeat. Other studies on humans and animals have shown a change in blood pressure for people who are stressed.

However, in normal conditions, none has been confirmed. CBD oil does not have fatty acids, making it ideal for relieving high blood pressure and stress in dogs.

Reduces Seizures

In the past, CBD was primarily used in reducing seizures that arise due to drugs and electric shocks in animals like mice. In clinical trials, CBD oil was shown to have the capacity to control seizures in dogs more than other medications. The results are effective when blood pressure is at a maximum. Therefore, studies are still ongoing to discover what happens when the blood pressure is normal. Because it has worked with humans, especially those who do not respond to anti-seizure drugs, hopefully, we can say it can work with dogs.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Dogs suffering from painful conditions like back pain, arthritis, cancer are typically given CBD oil to relieve inflammation and pain. CBD oil works by reducing the generation of inflammatory substances and increase the development of anti-inflammatory ones. There have been studies on various types of dogs with arthritis, which have also proved that it relieves pain. In most cases, dogs showed improved mobility when given CBD oil.

Relieves Anxiety

alleviates anxietySome of the reasons dogs experience anxiety include separation, aging, confinement in moving places, and fear. No studies have been conducted on dogs currently. However, CBD oil usage has led to good progress in combating anxiety.

Trials on humans and other animals indicate that it might work with dogs. When used on pets, it reduces nausea while increasing appetite. It can also reduce vomiting, and there are studies underway to come up with enough evidence to support this.…

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Dog Seizures Management Tips

Seizures occur due to abnormal motor activities in the brain. They can happen to any breed of dog and they are unexpected. A dog owner should observe each activity of the dog and point out any change of behavior.

Have an Emergency Vet Contact

Most seizures can be managed at home immediately when they occur. If the seizures happen more than two times in a period of 24 hours it’s time to call your doctor.

Seizures that last for more than 5 minutes or clusters of short seizures continuously are a medical emergency. They will prescribe medication to control the seizures. The doctor will take a number of tests to determine the cause of the seizures and if it’s serious you will be required to do a brain scan.

Document the Seizures

Start writing down the date, time, and length of the seizures. This is important information to give to your doctor later. You can also take a video for your doctor to detect behavior, pain, and weakness.

The doctor will do a thorough lab test to determine whether there are possible underlying conditions. Record any strange behavior before and after a seizure and see if there’s a particular pattern.

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Clear the Surrounding

Remove anything that may harm your dog and make the surroundings as safe as possible. Make sure you block the stairs, doors, and windows. Gently place a soft pillow to cushion his head and avoid hurting himself.

You need to make the sensory stimulation as low as possible that is by reducing light and sound. Dim the lights, close the door and curtains. Turn off the radio and television if you can and keep the environment as quiet as possible.

Do Not Touch the Dog

When dogs have seizures they are usually agitated, anxious, and blind to what is happening in the surrounding. They may not be aware of their behavior even immediately after a seizure. Your dog is helpless and you might want to hold him.

Try not to touch the dog around the mouth during the seizure if the mild ones. The dog might injure or bite you. Stay calm and let the dog handle the seizure, it won’t last for long. Do not move the dog it could increase the sensory stimulation and prolong the seizure.

Cool the Dog

If the seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes it is likely for your dog to overheat. You need to place a fan near the dog to help with the cooling. You can also gently wrap a damp towel on the paws and see if the seizure will stop. Apply cold water or a wet towel on the neck, head, and around the groin.…

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